Welcome to The Contentment Corner: a sanctuary for the thoughtful reader. Here, we reflect on life, careers, and everything in between often through the lens of Vedic philosophy but inspired by many. Join us on the journey of asking: is there true contentment?

The Muse

Santosha (संतोष saṃtoṣa): part of the principles of mindful living in the yoga tradition and translates to contentment or satisfaction.

Contentment (n.): a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Content (n.): a form of marketing focused on creating information that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest.

As a writer, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of life, career, and personal growth. Every time I sit down to write, I am pleasantly surprised by the metaphors and lyrical connections between daily practice and the journey toward fulfilling our purposeful visions — whether it's in business, projects, or just your way of life.

I often find myself drawing on the symbolism of the Spiral, a reminder that we’re constantly repeating ourselves. That we're actually not on a linear path but more like a spiral path. Life is not always straightforward and every relationship and business encounter is interconnected. Our thoughts, words, and behavior are all linked, and I constantly need to remind myself of all these intersectional truths.

Through my writing process, I hope it serves as a reminder that you are not alone on this journey toward personal, spiritual, and professional growth as well.

Join me at The Contentment Corner, where we explore these themes (and more!) with thought-provoking, inspiring, and relevant tips to your daily life.

Here’s a playlist for you to listen to as an introduction. I made this when I was on my own mental health week — solo retreats that I plan for myself with mental health and creativity in mind. I have tons of playlists I’ve curated throughout the years that can accompany you while you work, practice, or just hang out.

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A bit more about me:

My name is Brenda or you might know me as Bee. I am a number of things and titles in life and I often hate summarizing myself because there are just so many layers to being human. Maybe one reason you’re here too? You notice the complexity. At the heart of it all, I am a teacher.

When I say "I love to teach" people often ask, "oh, what grade do you teach?" 😆

When other yoga or mindfulness teachers ask me, "what's the number 1 advice for new teachers?", I say: you have to love teaching. Yoga just happens to be the subject we're teaching.

Teaching for me is a fundamental component of everything I do. There is always an opportunity to teach or to learn. I believe that the teacher-student relationship comes in many forms. Most often in an institutional or educational setting, but sometimes in non-traditional settings as well.

I have over 500 hours of training in yoga, meditation, and other modalities with now a decade of teaching experience (Practice with Bee, InsightTimer, AuraHealth).

And I’m a writer — from journal entries to blogs, website copy, thoughts, emails, and poetry. I’m in the process of writing my first poetry book on finding my intersectionality. For many years a lot of my work lived in my head but some of it has made it to my blog.

All to say Welcome! I hope this space resonates with you and we can find a community of like-minded people — that creating a life with purpose is actually pretty messy and not straightforward at all. But we’re doing it!

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A sanctuary for the thoughtful reader. Here, we reflect on life, careers, business, and professional growth often through the lens of Vedic philosophy but inspired by many. Join us on the journey of asking: Is there true contentment?


Aspiring writer. Yoga/Vedic Educator. Continually repeating myself ꩜ Still learning how to be human.