I’m spilling the T on my business and more
Hotline to heaven? Your breath
Myth: you need a massive audience to be a successful creator.
Plus, a simple content marketing strategy framework to start wrapping your head around what that even means.
I know it often feels the opposite for me.
Plus, an opportunity to support our K-12 educators
What daily activity has been supporting you these days?I talked about rituals in my last post and while the word “rituals” lends itself to feeling ceremonial, it can really be anything that we do wit…
Inside: 10-minute meditation to embody your past
Because love is the most potent type of power
Plus, an invitation to Activate Your Inner-Guide in Whidbey Island, WA.
Rituals, Self-Employment Journey, and New Offerings!
Design Your Mental Health Week. Yes, week. Not, 1 day.